Once Upon A Time

I am excited to present some of the Costume Accessories I have been making for ABC/Disney‘s television show Once Upon A Time! I’m honoured to be working under the leadership and vision of this twice Emmy -nominated television series, both nominations being for Costume Design (2012, 2013) under the guidance of the supremely talented 6 time Emmy Nominated Costume Design Director, Eduardo Castro.


This display is in chronological order of when characters wore my items on this beloved show! I was given the opportunity to have my items on the Season Premiere to start, then numerous episodes throughout!

Lead Mermaid’s Crown

This is a photo gallery of the very first headpiece I made for Once Upon A Time. I was contracted to make five mermaid crowns for the Season Premiere of its third season. It aired Sept 29, 2013 on ABC.


This first slideshow displays the lead mermaid’s crown, with some pictures from the fitting with the actress. The crown was made with three wood pieces hand-carved in Bali, (front wood piece designed by Carlos Alberto). I added to a metal base some scalloped metal discs, then all real sea-shells, freshwater pearls, real crystals, semi-precious gemstones, and a starfish.  To accent the Lead Mermaid’s hair, long strands of beads which were finished at the bottom with clusters of horse hair, dangle from the sides of the crown.

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I made this exact replica of the first Mermaid crown for the stunt double of the lead Mermaid. Here are some pictures of this headpiece.



The Fellow Mermaids

I was contracted to create 3 more crowns for the fellow mermaids that accompany the lead mermaid. In the season premiere, there were two extra mermaids not three, and there were no on screen shots of them clearly out of the water.



Here the crowns are to look at regardless… They were so fun to make!

Second Mermaid

This crown was worn by the Second Mermaid, and is one of a kind, made with lots of glass ball beads, small gold chains, real seashells, real freshwater pearls, facet cut glass beads, and semi-precious stones of Amethyst crystals.

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Third Mermaid

The fourth crown I made was wore by the Third mermaid on the episode. It is also one of a kind, and was made with real seashells, freshwater pearls, gold chains with disc charms, and it was accented on the front with a sliced seashell topped with shining gold metal starfish.

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The Mermaid Never Seen

The fifth and last Mermaid crown I made was for the (missing?) Fourth mermaid. This crown was made with real seashells, semi-precious stone Amethyst crystals, faceted glass beads, and freshwater pearls. It was accented at the front with a large spiral seashell.

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In a later episode of Once Upon A Time, I was honored to make a Hair Accessory for everyone’s favorite fairy, Tinkerbelle! It was made in green/gold colors on a base using fabric from her costume and covered in Swarovski beads, cut crystals, freshwater pearls, and cut glass beads.

I made two identical pieces for the lead actress to wear, as well as another version which was intended for when she is in Neverland and her look is sort of “feral”, was not used in the filming as she had no hair accessory when filmed in the Neverland scenes.



Making Tinkerbelle’s Hair accessory was a real treat and I’m so grateful to be able to have contributed to her fantastic GLAM look!



I was so excited to be given the honor to make an accessory for another beloved character from Disney – Ariel the Little Mermaid! I made her magical bracelet that could give her human legs to walk amongst the humans. This bracelet was shared with Snow White who was able to become a mermaid momentarily on the show!



2014-04-13 22.21.05

2014-04-07 12.57.57


2014-04-21 22.37.28



2014-03-09 15.12.18


2014-03-09 15.13.21




2014-04-21 22.37.36

In the show there were few moments that a viewer could see the item, though it was an important bracelet for Ariel and Snow White.  Ariel came back on the show near the end of the season to look for her love with the help of Hook. She was wearing the bracelet again on land to be able to walk. Unfortunately the bracelet was not part of the plot like in her earlier appearance, and there were few screen shots that had it in sight. Regardless it was a great honour for me to make some jewelry for such a beloved character!! It has been one of my most popular items at my e-boutique, and has had the most custom orders of replicas made. They are not exact replicas as ony Disney has that now, but close replicas that have been used for private wear and featured in two small independent films. I feel very blessed!


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