Crown I made is at DISNEY WORLD!

I had the great honour to make a crown for DISNEY WORLD ! Yes the one in Orlando! It was a replica of the one I made for ABC/DIsney TV ‘s popular television series Once Upon A Time. The original crown was worn by an evil mermaid on the Season Premiere for Season 3. This crown I made a bit more dazzling and beautiful since it is on display for the public to look closely at and I wanted it to shine! It went on display this summer 2015!

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This mermaid crown is on display in Mr.Gold’s Pawnshop – a storefront display on New York St in the HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS themeland at Disney World!

Here’s some pictures of the crown I took before I sent it to Orlando as well as some pictures taken of the display in the window of Mr.Gold’s Pawnshop. I feel super excited and very lucky to have been asked to be a part of the Magical World of Disney!

11666288_10200894777089615_8867568697982652645_n 11887988_10200894777329621_196556686236549524_n 11954570_10154165228838508_4680840868808722656_n

11911393_10153489300650977_2326067033817513542_n 11222068_10153489300790977_1232708629858142694_n 11902432_10200894778409648_821166663146779002_n


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